The care you give your trees in the early stages of their growth will affect their shape, strength and life span. In their first few seasons, young trees expend a lot of energy to establish their roots in the soil. They are very susceptible to heat and drought so by following a few easy good –practice tree care tips you can provide your trees with the best environment for their growth and ensure they look their best.

Tree Watering

Experts agree that the best way to irrigate your soil is through slow, deep applications of water on a regulated schedule. For the best conditions, you should have soil that is damp (not soggy) and which dries for short periods to allow enough oxygen to penetrate the soil. Tree watering bags are an easy way to avoid the common problem of over-watering, which is as harmful as watering too little.

The bag is placed on the ground around the tree, where it releases water over a 4 to 6-hour period. It can be used for all kinds of trees and shrubs, from newly-planted to 6” in diameter. The tree watering bags allow the soil to remain moist up to a depth that includes all the roots, helping the roots and your tree grow faster.

Using mulch in combination with a good watering system is even more effective. Spreading natural mulch on the ground around the tree will also help to protect the soil from extreme temperatures and keep the right amount of moisture. In addition, it helps to stop root competition from weeds by preventing their growth.


While growing, your garden is at risk from small and large animals as well as wind, chemical sprays,  and equipment. Using a tree shelter or deer tube will protect young trees for 5-7 years and create a greenhouse-like environment that promotes seedling growth. One can buy different sizes of these solid, translucent tubes adapted to protect trees and shrubs from rabbits, deer or any other hungry wildlife and the shelters are suitable for both home or field plantings.

Pruning and Disease Control

Finally, good pruning and care against pests and diseases are also important factors in healthy tree growth. It is important to prune at the right time (never in the fall) with the right tools and technique, and early in the life of the tree. This will give it the best shape and a longer life span.

Pests and diseases are a constant threat to trees and shrubs. It is worth investing some time getting to know about particular threats faced by your garden.